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The Maetropolis

The glowing city inside a city, The Maetropolis has become the glimmering jewel for The Ministry. 

With its larger size The Maetropolis challenges the player to approach their loadout differently. Longer distances between lanterns means certain spells will become less useful and others more.

The two rift sites of The Maetropolis enable vastly different play styles. Do you want to attack an open and large site that is easy to get into, but harder to defend? Or do you attack the narrow quarters one that is borderline claustrophobically difficult to get into, but when controlled gives you a solid advantage?


The glowing city inside a city, The Maetropolis has become the glimmering jewel for The Ministry. Wanting to consolidate their power with a show of technological superiority, the aristocratic faction started to develop what was to become The Maetropolis. This area inside of London was quickly turned into the beacon for anything aesterium.

Here you will find all the latest magical inventions, the world’s leading aesterium research facilities, the latest aesterium fashion, and all of the wonderful products advertised throughout the world. This is the dream of a magical and noble future.

At the center of The Maetropolis is The Ministry’s headquarters. Built on a rift site, the faction used the rift’s power to build a sculpture, just to show the world how much power they had accumulated.

Other rift sites in The Maetropolis were used for siphoning raw aesterium from The Beyond, however these were typically hidden in back alleys where the glimmering jewel persona was not disturbed.

Unfortunately the same magical superiority also came with a fair dose of societal side effects. The district now requires a specific pass issued by The Ministry in order to enter. Only those with the right connections are allowed to be residents in the area. Any behaviour deemed unacceptable can result in immediate revoking of the pass, and in severe cases imprisonment.

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The Rookery

Once, a lively hub of economic activity

The Gateway

An essential node in The Ministry’s Aesterial infrastructure

The Maetropolis

The glimmering jewel for The Ministry