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The Rookery…

… was at one point in time a lively hub of economic activity.

As one of the smaller maps, The Rookery offers high octane action with short rotation times. Thanks to the openness of both rift sites, teams that are able to synchronize their movement can easily gain the upper hand by surrounding their foes.

With the sheer amount of lanterns in close proximity to each other, your battle kit could benefit from spells that help restrict your opponent’s movements and trap them. Just keep an eye out above you lanterns aren’t necessarily on the same floor as you are …


The Rookery was at one point in time a lively hub of economic activity. With its proximity to the River Thames, canals were built in order to transport goods closer to the factories and markets. However this all changed when The Ministry discovered that the area was dense with rifts from The Beyond.

Using martial law, The Ministry seized the area and evicted all the businesses and its inhabitants. Their first priority was to get production of aesterium underway. Seeing no benefit to care for the area as its previous tenants were out of the picture, The Ministry allowed their construction to carelessly rip through structures.

Due to the concentration of rifts found at The Rookery, The Ministry decided to convert one of the old factories into a refinery in order to process all the siphons of raw aesterium.

Once production was up and running, manufacturing plants followed. Emerald Figurine Ltd (one of the first and major manufacturers of aesterium based products) was the first to sign a contract with The Ministry. This was due to the proximity of the refinery and the canals, but mostly, with their close ties to The Ministry they got the lease for almost nothing.

As more and more manufacturing plants opened up the area slowly started to transform. Workers were given access to barely maintained living quarters; bars were opened to keep them happy. Once a lively hub of tradesmen was now effectively a hub for exploitation.

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The Rookery

Once, a lively hub of economic activity

The Gateway

An essential node in The Ministry’s Aesterial infrastructure

The Maetropolis

The glimmering jewel for The Ministry