Team Deathmatch

There is unrest in London and battles have turned into daily skirmishes for survival – a fight for the world. This is the Watchers’ moment of Uprising. “Team Deathmatch” is the new mode in Wands Alliances and can be played on all maps of the game. In this sped-up game mode you cheat death by respawning again and again, and play strategically by changing characters and spells during respawn. Claim victory by being the first team to get 25 kills or having the most kills when time runs out.

New Spells

Three new spells are coming in the Uprising update, one for each class. The Revelator spell spawns an object that scans the nearby area for enemies, marking all within range. The Northwind spell inflicts minor damage and disarms its victim, while the Weeping Willow spell acts as both damage and anti-healing spell.

SteamVR & Crossplay

Premiering on Steam at the same time as the Uprising release, Wands Alliances will support crossplay from day one. Pico crossplay support for regions outside of mainland China is coming soon.

Challenges, avatar frames …

… and more. Other major changes include new challenges to unlock spells and titles, new cosmetic rewards for player avatars and and various quality of life updates.

Read the full Wands Alliances: Uprising 1.1 patch notes here!

The Lore of the Uprising

There is unrest in London. The ministry has tightened their grip on the city as the Watchers have shown to be a pest. Battles that were once an uncommon occurrence, have now turned into a daily skirmish for survival.

Ever since the Ministry fortified their power, using industrialized magic as the backbone of their success, the Watchers have disapproved from the shadows. While the Ministry grew its influence and rapidly expanded its infrastructure of rift siphons and Aesterium plants the Watchers were there, warning us. They whispered into society’s subconscious that the Ministry was being reckless, telling us the Ministry had a complete disregard for the dangers that came with tampering with the Beyond. We didn’t listen.

But the Watchers didn’t give up. Instead mounting an offensive, they launched multiple successful operations of sabotage against the Ministry. Reports of rifts being forced closed by some magical explosive came widespread. Siphons that once pumped the lifeblood of the beyond were reduced to lifeless steel and iron.

Now the Ministry has had enough of this pestilence. They will force these Watchers out of the shadows and cleanse the world of their influence. With “The Anvil”, aka Maxwell Emsworth, appointed as commander of a new taskforce, he has been given a singular objective. Find them in their hideouts, find them in their homes, find them in the streets, and eliminate them.

After receiving this news from moles within the agency, the “The Wandslinger” aka Stefan Domínguez, gathered his top agents within the Watchers to an urgent meeting. 

“It seems our strategy of sabotage has been working. The Ministry’s infrastructure must be starting to fail if they need to resort to such openly aggressive tactics. I urge you all not to waiver, not even for a second. We are being hunted, that is true, but that only shows how much of an impact we have made. They want to rip us from the shadows, expose us to the world. Well we will step out of the shadows willingly, taking the fight to the streets, and in turn expose the Ministry as the ruthless agency they are!” 

Due to being forced out of the shadows the Watchers have no alternative, there is no going back to the clandestine. This is now a fight for survival, a fight for the world. This is the Watchers’ moment of Uprising.

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