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Wands Alliances FAQ

On which platforms is Wands Alliances available?

Wands Alliances is available for the Meta Quest 2 and on Steam as well as for Pico (outside of main land China).

What was added in the Uprising update?

A lot of things! Most importantly though, the new game mode Team Deathmatch! TDM is an quick and action-oriented mode with insta-spawn, where the first team to 25 kills wins.

There were also three new spells added, challenges and rewards, titles and border portraits, status effects and various other tweaks and bug fixes.

For the full patch notes, visit our Discord.

Is Wands Alliances a separate game or an update to Wands?

Wands Alliances is entirely stand-alone and a spiritual successor to Wands. Both games take place in London and the mysterious realm known as The Beyond. If you want to learn more about the lore of Wands Alliances, we will post updates both here and on our new wiki in the near future.

I would like to get to know more Wands Alliances-players and learn more about the games. Where do I go?

For discussion, question and meeting other people, our Discord is the perfect place! For general information, this site or our new wiki are your best sources of information

What languages is available in Wands Alliances?

Yes. Wands Alliances will have texts fully localized to the following languages:




French (France)

Spanish (Spain)

Portuguese (Brazil)




Simplified Chinese


Is there any way I can use spells I haven’t unlocked?

You bet! There’s a shooting range in the starting menu specifically for that purpose. Pick up a spell (they’re in the briefcase to your right) and try it out against the dummies behind you. You can carry spells in both hands, so the shooting range is perfect for trying out and honing combos!

Snap turning and seated playing in Wands Alliances

During fall 2022, snap turning was implemented in Wands Alliances. This highly requested feature offers an alternative to controlling your movements in the game with less physical movement. Snap turning also lets you play the game while seated if you’re disabled, or simply prefer to play VR sitting down.

Are there more ways to play Wands Alliances than 3v3?

Yes! You can setup custom games in whichever constellation you like. Since bots don’t automatically fill up slots in custom games, this includes async matches. In other words, you can play 1v1, 1v2, 1vbot, 2vbots etc. Ranked matches are however only available in 3v3.

How does crossplay in Wands Alliance work?

With the SteamVR release, full crossplay was introduced. This means players who own the game on Meta, Steam or Pico (Pico launch coming October -22) can now play with and against each other.

It looks as if the characters’ height vary. Do they and if so, does that affect gameplay mechanics?

You’re absolutely correct, and yes it does. Since all characters have hitboxes, a tall character will simply put have to duck farther down to move out of harm’s way, but will on the other hand also have a slightly better view of the battlefield.

Where can I learn more about spells and character stats?

On our wiki (it will also be on our Discord in the near future). The wiki is work in progress and will evolve, so bear with us for any information you might lack there.

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