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Mabel Kinsley

Nickname:  “The Sledgehammer”. Role: Control. Health: 120. Gender: Female. Born: 1860

Passive Ability: When staying under the same lantern for 3.5 seconds, gains a cooldown reduction of 50 %. This resets when traversing to a new lantern.


Just as her name suggests, The Sledgehammer is the perfect tool for smashing the will out of the enemy. With her passive ability – decreasing her spells’ cooldowns – she has the possibility to put out a ton of spells, posing a real threat on the battlefield.


The Sledgehammer was once a member of The Forge. In fact she was second in command answering only to The Anvil, and her answers never disappointed. However after a botched job involving an unlicensed Aesterium refinery that was threatening The Ministries’ power, she was injured when raw Aesterium flooded over her.

After the accident in which she lost her arm, she was becoming increasingly erratic. Some say they even heard her talking to herself. Talks ignited within The Forge about a mercy killing. Seeing it as the only way out, The Anvil publicly exiled and banished her from ever returning to The Forge.

Fueled by the unquenchable thirst for revenge she allied herself with The Watchers with the sole purpose of destroying The Forge.


After her brush with death Kinsley has become completely fearless. Danger has no effect on her; she’s in fact almost never as calm as when spells are flying past her. She has a strong, eerie attachment to everything from The Beyond, sometimes seen talking to the æsterium and even her æsterium infused prosthetic.

Adelina Leclair

Nickname: The Duchess. Role: Damage. Health: 100. Gender: Female. Born: 1875

Passive Ability: Whenever the Duchess teleports, cooldowns on all spells reduce by 1.5 seconds


The illusive Duchess excels at infiltrating the backline and taking out key targets before escaping again. Her passive ability, which decreases the cooldown on all her spells whenever she teleports, makes her great at getting in, dealing a lot of damage before swiftly withdrawing.


Abandoned as an infant, Adelina was raised by the orphanage known as the Angel Society. The orphanage is however not what it seems, and is in fact a facility where children are brought up as trained assassins from a very young age. Adelina was their finest student.

LeClair is currently on contract with the Ministry of Aesterial Advancements. Given the backstory of a wealthy duchess, it allows her to find and eliminate any targets threatening the stability of The Ministry.


With the diminished social development of her upbringing and when not putting on a masterful act of deceit, she seems almost childlike.

Maxwell Emsworth

Nickname: The Anchor. Role: Control. Health: 120. Gender: Male. Born: 1848

Passive Ability: When falling below 40 health, gains a shield that blocks 80 % of any incoming damage for the following eight seconds. Can only be activated once.


The Anvil will keep you busy. Able to use spells that will lock down lanterns or deal AoE damage over time, he is a master at holding an area. With his passive ability he can also take quite a beating, allowing him to hold off multiple enemies while awaiting backup.


Born into poverty, Maxwell Emsworth vowed to make his name known. He now leads one of London’s most notorious gangs, The Forge. Respected by those who work for him as a fair and just leader, everyone knows that crossing him is a tragic mistake to make.

As The Ministry started their venture for power, a deal was struck with The Forge. They now act as the Ministry’s hand in the back alleys, enforcing their strength where the Ministry can’t.


A fan of brute force. Maxwell is the cliché tough guy that believes empathy means weakness, Scars are trophies and wounds are proof of manliness. That said he has a strong sense of loyalty to those close to, and those who fight with him.

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