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Hello everyone!

Today we’re happy to dish out a bunch of tweaks and fixes to your favourite magic pvp game. It seems we had quite the vacation and … well, forgot to update you here on the latest patch. But hey, that means today is dual patch notes for dual wielders! Besides various tweaks, nerfing and boosting, today snap turning makes its entrance. Also did you catch that we’ll release it for SteamVR later this year?

Do note that several of these changes in Wands Alliances have come about thanks to your suggestions on our Discord or our Canny feedback tool. Your opinions matter, so do continue to voice them on how we can continue making the game better. It’s going to be an eventful fall, so stay tuned!

Wands Alliances patch notes (client version 1.0.1 -> 1.0.2)

  • Added snap turning and smooth turning
  • Added a message that quitting a match early will forfeit XP and result in a lost match
  • Added controls to the settings page
  • Added new loading graphics to the custom game menu and leaderboard for better readability
  • Added newsfeed in the main menu
  • Added new VFX and SFX when a player triggers Frostbite in order to increase readability
  • Added new VFX and SFX when having low health
  • Fix for a bug where your hands could go through and you could shoot through a wall
  • Fix for Lightning Bolt graphics where the main VFX sometimes wasn’t being rendered
  • Fix for the Omega Device getting stuck in certain areas
  • Fix for a bug when pinging without pointing at something
  • Implemented correct scaling and clamping of playspace. This means that if you play as a character shorter than yourself, you will now be able to use more of your physical playspace, and your playspace will also be better aligned with the cover within a lantern area.
  • Players can no longer ping in post match lobby
  • Enemy projectiles in the tutorial now deal less damage
  • Moved a dummy in tutorial stage 7 to increase readability
  • Subtitles are now off as default for new players

## Wands Alliances patch notes (client version 1.0 -> 1.0.1)

  • Improved matchmaking to better accommodate for the players’ skill level
  • Increased activation time for Sledgehammer’s passive ability from 3.5 seconds to 5 seconds and decreased cooldown reduction from 50 % to 40 %.
  • Implemented a more stable way of counting stats for won and lost matches. If you leave a game early it will count as a loss from now on, and if you join during the final round the match will not count.
  • Increased diameter of Gravity Well from 4 meters to 6 meters 
  • Life Seed now also collides with caster, allowing users to heal themselves and teammates more consistently
  • When removing the wand from the Omega Device during arming/disarming, progress now diminishes slower, mitigating the issue with lost progress
  • Tweaked the armed countdown-sound for the Omega Device to better indicate the remaining time until detonation
  • Fixed bug where you weren’t able to move the Omega Device onto one lantern on The Rookery
  • Fixed bug where Sledgehammer’s passive would sometimes activate too early
  • Added highlighted (colored) numerical parameters in class description
  • Added visuals for spell reticles as well as notifications to better indicate when a spell is off coooldown.
  • Fixed the warning message not showing when stepping outside the light of the lantern you’re on
  • Renamed “Story” to “Lore” in the main menu to better explain the purpose of the button
  • Rare bug fixed where loading of the next level after a rematch could fail (and where the match played out in the post match room).
  • Unlocked spell cards now rotate 180 degrees allowing the player to view the back of the card in the lobby

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