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The release of Wands Alliances draws nearer, and with that a plethora of news related items will arrive in the near future. Today, we’re kicking things off by unveiling a whole new web page (this one to be precise) – welcome to wandsalliances.com!

Leading up to the release date (sorry, we’re not talking about that yet), we will post updates about the game here as well as on our social media channels. There will be levels, there will be lore, there will be in-length character descriptions and there most certainly will be spells. There will also be developer interviews, so stay tuned!

What was that? A place to discuss all this, you say? To dissect which character and loadout is the best one for you, and to post suggestions and questions? Imagine if there was such a place. Fortunately there is, which a lot of you already know, and that place is of course our Wands Discord. You’ll find it here and several new categories and channels will be up shortly to reflect the arrival of Alliances.

A warm welcome, to both wandsalliances.com and our Discord!

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